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Born out of love for motorcycling


Zercado was born out of our love for motorcycling. Having experienced both the joys and perils of this passion of ours, our team decided to create a solution to enhance driver awareness and safety. We’ve created the first intelligent motorcycle mirrors that automatically adapt to your position, letting you see much more. We want to ensure that motorcyclist can enjoy their ride safely.

So the first prototype was created. Initially called Smart mirrors, the proof of the concept prototype, showing that adjusting the mirror to the position of the driver was indeed possible. That is how a great adventure was started.

Next, the second prototype was enclosed in a carbon fiber shell for better protection and testing. It demonstrated that complex mechanisms and motors can fit in a much smaller form.

Our development was gaining pace, and we’ve managed to win quite a few hardware competitions including Microsoft Imagine Cup and received prizes for our designs and technology along the way.

With a brand new design, new functionalities, and patent-pending technologies we are gearing up to launch on Kickstarter and bring our innovative motorcycle mirrors to you all!


Bartosz Ambrożkiewicz

Michał Cwojdziński

Mikołaj Owczarczak
Electronics Engineer

Aleksandra Olszewska
Communication Specialist